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Selinsgrove Inn
214 North Market Street
Selinsgrove, PA 17870
(570) 374-4100
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Selinsgrove Inn is located 3 blocks from the heart of downtown Selinsgrove. Walking distance to 10 restaurants, bars, and local brew pub.    
                   Selinsgrove Hotel Inc        Food & Drink available
                    225 North Market Street            
                         Selinsgrove, PA  17870 >>>>>>>>>>across from Selinsgrove Inn
             Best weekend ever.........
     Visit or Isabella for dinner, walk the town, stop at Selinsgrovebrewing co, stop at Selinsgrove hotel for a late night drink Tell everyone that the Trolley ride and tour was the best .

                    Sunday ; Go to Knoebels Amusement Park & Resort   23 miles from Selinsgrove hotel
              link      Knoebels is free parking and admission to park .
                            Check out our local visitors center for things to do:
Cost:   1 night hotel   +   Brew or Wine trip $38.00 / $50.00 per person.( subject to change)
Hotels and  Motels 
Selinsgrove Inn

 – Shamokin Dam, PA 

– Selinsgrove, PA 

 – Selinsgrove, PA 

Bed and Breakfast
Copper Beech Manor     Lewisburg

BJ’s Steaks and Ribs– classic American  

Isabella of Selin's Grove – Italian fine casual dining

 – local and organic selections 

 – organic coffee, lattes, and sandwiches 

Taste of Philly – cheesesteaks, sandwiches and more
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