THE  TROLLEY  RIDE  co.  -      and  BREW TOURS.....570-556-6984 Bryan
                 We Regret to inform that 
    The Trolley Ride is no longer in Service
We have been agonizing  the last year  and a half  about shutting down and selling the Trolley ........

Well........... after 5 YEARS we decided to sell either to someone to take over the trolley in the local area or to sell the trolley to an outside company ......

 It's a great business not only that provides a great service to the AREA but also a great income for someone that is ambitious enough to take over the business .

We have reduced the price  to $32,500  to make it affordable for your new adventure .
Anyone interested call Bryan directly  on this number 579.556.6984
     go to eBay to see information .........  search  ...... Trolley Bus 

New York Wine Trip is a go for October 14th and 15th everyone with tickets     Sunset Skating Rink at 7am pickup

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