THE  TROLLEY  RIDE  co.  -      and  BREW TOURS.....570-556-6984 Bryan

           Thing you need to know

*             You can eat and drink, alcohol in moderation
              but you can not  smoke on trolley or bus.

*          Trolley or bus is air conditioned or is heated.

*                        All seats are padded....

*          If your bring coolers, bring small ones...! ! ! 
*  All drinks must stay on trolley and / or bus.  You cannot take               drinks into wineries or brew pubs, or off bus.

*    Most wineries or brew samples are free but not all.
      New York wineries charge at all locations.

*    Be nice to wine and brew staff and people we meet.

*  Your behavior may stop you from being served at wineries    or brew pubs or you may be asked to stay on trolley or bus.

*    Must be 21 years or older exception.

*    Trolley has great sound system, radio, CD,
      I pod, or your phone will play through our system.

*    NY  Bus has DVD player....CD and Radio...bring your DVD or CD

*    Be nice to the driver, tip him.........end of trip.

*    Have careful.... have designated  driver
      when you return to pick up point.

*  Remember...What happens on the Trolley stays on Trolley.
                               and the New York Bus

          Any questions ............... call  570-556-6984 

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