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                      Sold Out for 2017 trip........          
                                Wine New York  2017
            11 Wineries    2 days ........... 1 overnight stay
                            Overnight @ Village Hotel , Watkins Glen  NY    
             October 14th and 15th......  2017  only one bus this year                                                         
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                                          uncork  New York 
                            NY   Bus has ...... DVD player  and  restroom.
                                                 35 passenger bus we do not take trolley bus to NY
         If you would like to get on our list for upcoming trips 2018 , 2019 , 2020 email us                                              

Our trolley is the perfect bachelorette party venue for you to partake in a day of debauchery ! Our trolley offers the perfect hop on/off service to restaurants, bars, and wineries.
     We will make sure your day is one to remember.

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 Must be 21 years or older for wine trips.  Bryan 570-556-6984

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